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4 GConfChangeSet

a set of configuration changes to be made.

4.1 Overview

a <g-conf-change-set> allows you to collect a set of changes to configuration keys (set/unset operations). You can then commit all the changes at once. This is convenient for something like a preferences dialog; you can collect all the pending changes in a <g-conf-change-set>, then when the user clicks "apply" send them all to the configuration database. The <g-conf-change-set> allows you to avoid sending every preferences setting when "apply" is clicked; you only have to send the settings the user changed.

In the future, GConf may also have optimizations so that changing a group of values with <g-conf-change-set> is faster than calling gconf-engine-set for each value. In the future, <g-conf-change-set> may also represent an atomic transaction, where all or none of the values are set; however, for now the operation is not atomic.

4.2 Usage