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8 GConfValue, GConfEntry, GConfMetaInfo

A stores a dynamically-typed value. A stores a key-value pair. A stores metainformation about a key.

8.1 Overview

<g-conf-value> stores one of the value types GConf understands; GConf uses <g-conf-value> to pass values around because it doesn't know the type of its values at compile time.

A <g-conf-entry> pairs a relative key name with a value, for example if the value "10" is stored at the key "/foo/bar/baz", the <g-conf-entry> will store "baz" and "10".

A <g-conf-meta-info> object holds metainformation about a key, such as its last modification time and the name of the schema associated with it. You should rarely if ever need to use <g-conf-meta-info>. (In fact you can't get the metainfo for a key using the current API.)

8.2 Usage

— Class: <g-conf-value>

Derives from <gboxed>.

This class defines no direct slots.