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1 Overview

(gnome gconf) wraps the GNOME configuration library for Guile. It is a part of Guile-GNOME.

1.1 Example code

     (define *gconf-client* (gconf-client-get-default))
     (define *gconf-dir* "/apps/my-app")
     (gconf-client-add-dir gconf-client gconf-dir 'preload-onelevel)
     (define (gconf-key s)
       (string-append gconf-dir "/" (symbol->string s)))
     (define (state-ref key default)
       (catch #t
              (lambda ()
                (gconf-client-get *gconf-client* (gconf-key key)))
              (lambda args default)))
     (define (state-set! key val)
       (gconf-client-set *gconf-client* (gconf-key key) val))
     (define (value-changed client cnxn-id key val)
       (format #t "~a: ~a\n" key val))
     (gconf-client-add-notify *gconf-client* "/apps/my-app"

Note that the value-changed procedure will only be called if you have a main loop running.

See the documentation for (gnome gobject) for more information on Guile-GNOME.