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8 Getting and Setting File Information

Convenient high-level abstraction for obtaining and setting file information, including ACLs.

8.1 Overview

Applications can use the gnome-vfs-get-file-info family of operations to retrieve file information, as this operation can be quite costly in terms of time (specilly when sniffing the MIME type) applications can specify which information need at any time, reducing the performance impact.

All of these operations use a <gnome-vfs-file-info> data structure that holds the file information, there are several methods that can be used to manipulate this information. See <gnome-vfs-file-info> for more information.

8.2 Usage

— Function: gnome-vfs-get-file-info (text_uri mchars) (info <gnome-vfs-file-info>) (options <gnome-vfs-file-info-options>) ⇒  (ret <gnome-vfs-result>)

Retrieve information about text-uri. The information will be stored in info.

uri of the file for which information will be retrieved.
pointer to a <gnome-vfs-file-info> object that will hold the information for the file on return.
options for retrieving file information.
an integer representing the result of the operation.
— Function: gnome-vfs-set-file-info (text_uri mchars) (info <gnome-vfs-file-info>) (mask <gnome-vfs-set-file-info-mask>) ⇒  (ret <gnome-vfs-result>)

Set file information for uri; only the information for which the corresponding bit in mask is set is actually modified.

info's ‘valid_fields’ is not required to contain the <gnome-vfs-file-info-fields> corresponding to the specified <gnome-vfs-set-file-info-mask> fields of mask. It is assumed that the info fields referenced by mask are valid.

string representing the file location.
information that must be set for the file.
bit mask representing which fields of info need to be set.
an integer representing the result of the operation.