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10 (gnome gobject utils)

10.1 Overview

Common utility routines.

10.2 Usage

— Function: GStudlyCapsExpand nstr

Expand the StudlyCaps nstr to a more schemey-form, according to the conventions of GLib libraries. For example:

           (GStudlyCapsExpand "GSource") ⇒ g-source
           (GStudlyCapsExpand "GtkIMContext") ⇒ gtk-im-context
           (GStudlyCapsExpand "GtkHBox") ⇒ gtk-hbox

— Variable: gtype-name->scheme-name-alist

An alist of exceptions to the name transformation algorithm implemented in GStudlyCapsExpand.

— Function: gtype-name->scheme-name type-name

Transform a name of a <gtype>, such as "GtkWindow", to a scheme form, such as gtk-window, taking into account the exceptions in gtype-name->scheme-name-alist, and trimming trailing dashes if any.

— Function: gtype-name->class-name type-name

Transform a name of a <gtype>, such as "GtkWindow", to a suitable name of a Scheme class, such as <gtk-window>. Uses gtype-name->scheme-name.

— Function: gtype-class-name->method-name class-name name

Generate the name of a method given the name of a <gtype> and the name of the operation. For example:

           (gtype-name->method-name "GtkFoo" "bar") ⇒ gtk-foo:bar

Uses gtype-name->scheme-name.

— Special Form: re-export-modules . args

Re-export the public interface of a module or modules. Invoked as (re-export-modules (mod1) (mod2)...).

— Special Form: define-macro-with-docs form docs . body

— Special Form: define-with-docs name docs val

Define name as val, documenting the value with docs.

— Special Form: define-generic-with-docs name documentation

Define a generic named name, with documentation documentation.

— Special Form: define-class-with-docs name supers docs . rest

Define a class named name, with superclasses supers, with documentation docs.

— Special Form: unless test . body

— Special Form: with-accessors names . body