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3 gnome-init

Functions used during initialisation of libgnome and other platform libraries.

3.1 Overview

3.2 Usage

— Function: gnome-user-dir-get ⇒  (ret mchars)

Retrieves the user-specific directory for GNOME apps to use ($HOME/.gnome2 is the usual GNOME 2 value).

An absolute path to the directory.
— Function: gnome-user-private-dir-get ⇒  (ret mchars)

Differs from gnome-user-dir-get in that the directory returned here will have had permissions of 0700 (rwx——–) enforced when it was created. Of course, the permissions may have been altered since creation, so care still needs to be taken.

An absolute path to the user-specific private directory that GNOME apps can use.
— Function: gnome-user-accels-dir-get ⇒  (ret mchars)

Retrieves the user-specific directory that stores the keyboard shortcut files for each GNOME app. Note that most applications should be using GConf for storing this information, but it may be necessary to use the gnome-user-accels-dir-get directory for legacy applications.

The absolute path to the directory.