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6 gnome-url

Display urls using appropriate viewers.

6.1 Overview

A GNOME user can configure which viewers they wish to use to view certain protocols. Protocols can include http, ftp (where "view" might mean "download"), ghelp, etc. This module provides a means for application to display a url without having to worry about which viewer is going to ultimately handle the job.

6.2 Usage

— Function: gnome-url-show (url mchars) ⇒  (ret bool)

Once the input has been converted into a fully qualified url this function calls gnome_vfs_url_show. Any error codes returned by gnome-vfs will be wrapped in the error parameter. All errors comes from the ‘GNOME_URL_ERROR’% domain.

The url or path to display. The path can be relative to the current working directory or the user's home directory. This function will convert it into a fully qualified url using the gnome_url_get_from_input function.
Used to store any errors that result from trying to display the url.
#t’ if everything went fine, ‘#f’ otherwise (in which case error will contain the actual error).