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9 GdkPixbuf Module

The GdkPixbuf interface module can be used with

     (use-modules (gtk-2.0 gdk-pixbuf))

Currently, the (gtk-2.0 gdk-pixbuf) module also initializes Gtk (gtk_init etc, see Gtk Module). Perhaps this will change in the future.

The following standard GdkPixbuf functions have particular notes for the Guile Gtk interface.

— Function: gdk-pixbuf-render-threshold-alpha p b sx sy dx dy w h a
— Function: gdk-pixbuf-render-to-drawable p d g sx sy dx dy w h di xd yd
— Function: gdk-pixbuf-render-to-drawable-alpha p d sx sy dx dy w h am a di xd yd

gdk_rgb_init is called automatically, so there's no need for applications do that explicitly.

The various Xlib specific GdkPixbuf functions (gdk_pixbuf_xlib_init etc) are not provided, since Xlib level operations are not considered a primary part of Guile Gtk.