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10 Glade Module

The Glade interface module can be used with

     (use-modules (gtk-2.0 glade))

The following rules apply to the various Glade types.

GladeXML is a sub-class of GObject so the notes about it apply (see General Conventions). The following field accessors are provided,
— Function: glade-xml-filename gx

The following standard Glade functions have particular notes for the Guile Gtk interface.
— Function: glade-xml-new filename [root]

The default root is #f, meaning create the whole interface defined in filename.

— Function: glade-xml-signal-connect-full gladexml name [proc]
— Function: glade-xml-signal-autoconnect-full gladexml [proc]

As per the Gtk signal handlers, there's no “user data” parameter to proc. proc is called (proc handlername object signalname signaldata connectobject after?).

If proc is not given, or is #f, the default is to connect signalname on connectobject (or object if no connectobject) to the procedure handlername. handlername is evaluated as Scheme code, and so can simply be the name of a Scheme procedure, or it can be a lambda form or similar evaluating to a procedure.