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1 Introduction

Guile-Gtk makes the Gtk+, Gdk-Pixbuf, Glade and Gtk-GL graphical user interface libraries available from within Guile. (see The Guile Reference Manual)

This manual makes no attempt to document those libraries, only how to use them from Guile.

Currently, Guile-Gtk supports Gtk version 2.0 and higher, and versions of Gdk-Pixbuf, Glade and Gtk-GL corresponding to that. It's intended that Gnome will be supported by a new line of development called Guile-Gnome (

The Guile-Gtk home page is at the following URL. A mailing list for users and developers is available, see the home page for details.

As a taste of Guile-Gtk style, here's a hello world program. Those familiar with Gtk should find it straightforward. A toplevel window is created, a label widget added, the result realized, and a main loop run.

     (use-modules (gtk-2.0 gtk))
     (define top (gtk-window-new 'toplevel))
     (gtk-signal-connect top "destroy" gtk-exit)
     (define label (gtk-label-new " Hello world! "))
     (gtk-container-add top label)
     (gtk-widget-show-all top)