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15 Obsolete Features

The following functions are considered obsolete and are not recommended for use in new programs.

— Function: gtk-standalone?

Return true if Guile Gtk is running as a standalone program. This is now always true.

In the past a gtk-guile executable existed and had an option to indicate that an interactive read-eval-print loop should be started, in which case gtk-standalone? returned #f.

— Function: gtk-standalone-main top-widget

When running standalone (gtk-standalone? true), run gtk-main and connect the destroy signal of top-widget to gtk-exit so the program will exit when that widget is destroyed. If not standalone, do nothing and return immediately.

Since gtk-standalone? is now always true, an application can just as easily connect the signal and run gtk-main itself.

          (gtk-signal-connect top-widget "destroy" gtk-exit)