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4.2 Interactive sessions and guile-ncurses-shell

If you would like to try out these functions interactively by typing them into the scheme schell, instead of typing them and running them as scripts, the program guile-ncurses-shell can be used. The problem with interactive Guile sessions using curses is that you are typing into the same screen that curses is trying to manage, which leads to confusing results. The program guile-ncurses-shell, which must be run under X, starts an interactive guile session and creates and xterm that will be managed by curses. The results of the curses function calls will appear in the xterm, instead of in the screen where the interactive guile session occurs.

Upon initialization guile-ncurses-shell automatically calls these functions.

     (use-modules (ncurses curses))
     (define stdscr (initscr))

Thus, you must not call (initscr) in your interactive session.

When exiting an interactive session, by C-D for example, guile-ncurses-shell automatically calls (endwin).