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5.2 Invoking grpc-rpcinfo

This program is equivalent to the rpcinfo program available on most Unix systems and notably provided by the GNU C Library. In is a client of the portmapper RPC program (see The Portmapper Program). Among the options supported by rpcinfo, only a few of them are supported at this moment:


Print a summary of the command-line options and exit.


Print the version number of GNU Guile-RPC and exit.


Query the portmapper and list the registered RPC services.


Unregister the RPC program with the given RPC program and version numbers from the portmapper.

Note that the host where the portmapper lives can be specified as the last argument to grpc-rpcinfo:

# Query the portmapper at host `klimt'.

$ grpc-rpcinfo -p klimt
program vers    proto   port    name
100000  2       tcp     111     portmapper
100000  2       udp     111     portmapper
$ grpc-rpcinfo -d 100000 2 klimt 
ERROR: `portmapper-unset' failed FALSE