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2 Obtaining and Installing GNU Guile-RPC

The GNU Guile-RPC web page is located at You can obtain copy of GNU Guile-RPC from

In order to use GNU Guile-RPC, all that is needed is GNU Guile 1.8 along with the R6RS library package for Guile 1.8, known as Guile-R6RS-Libs1.

Before version 1.8.3, Guile 1.8 did not contain an implementation of SRFI-35. Thus, if you are using one of these versions of Guile, you need to install Guile-Lib, which contains the relevant module.

GNU Guile-RPC comes with a compiler for the XDR/RPC interface description language (see Invoking grpc-compile). To use that, Guile-Lib version 0.1.7 or later is needed2.


[1] The source code repository is located at Hopefully, this package will eventually be integrated into core Guile.

[2] Guile-Lib 0.1.6 can be used but will yield inaccurate error reporting from the compiler in some cases.