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Index Entry  Section

activity-change: Stashes
allocated-channels: Audio
alpha-limit: Stashes
application-state: Stashes

blit-rgba: SDL_gfx
blit-surface: Video
button?: Events

call-with-clip-rect: Miscellaneous Utilities
caption-ti: Video
cd-close: CDROM
cd-eject: CDROM
cd-get-cur-frame: CDROM
cd-get-cur-track: CDROM
cd-get-num-tracks: CDROM
cd-in-drive?: CDROM
cd-msf->frames: CDROM
cd-name: CDROM
cd-nth-track-itlo: CDROM
cd-num-drives: CDROM
cd-open: CDROM
cd-pause: CDROM
cd-play: CDROM
cd-play-tracks: CDROM
cd-resume: CDROM
cd-status: CDROM
cd-stop: CDROM
cd-track-type: Stashes
cd?: CDROM
cdrom-state: Stashes
close-audio: Audio
color:b: Video
color:g: Video
color:r: Video
color:set-b!: Video
color:set-g!: Video
color:set-r!: Video
color?: Video
convert-surface: Video
copy-rectangle: Miscellaneous Utilities
copy-surface: Miscellaneous Utilities
create-cursor: Video
create-rgb-surface: Video
create-rgba-square: Miscellaneous Utilities
create-rgba-surface: Miscellaneous Utilities
create-yuv-overlay: Video

delay: General SDL
device-ffc: Audio
display-format: Video
display-format-alpha: Video
display-yuv-overlay: Video
draw-aa-circle: SDL_gfx
draw-aa-ellipse: SDL_gfx
draw-aa-line: SDL_gfx
draw-aa-polygon: SDL_gfx
draw-aa-trigon: SDL_gfx
draw-arc: SDL_gfx
draw-bezier: SDL_gfx
draw-character: SDL_gfx
draw-circle: SDL_gfx
draw-ellipse: SDL_gfx
draw-hline: SDL_gfx
draw-line: SDL_gfx
draw-pie-slice: SDL_gfx
draw-point: SDL_gfx
draw-polygon: SDL_gfx
draw-rectangle: SDL_gfx
draw-rounded-rectangle: SDL_gfx
draw-string: SDL_gfx
draw-textured-polygon: SDL_gfx
draw-thick-line: SDL_gfx
draw-trigon: SDL_gfx
draw-vline: SDL_gfx

enable-key-repeat: Events
enable-unicode: Events
enum->number: Enums and Constants
error key non-member-symbol: Enums and Constants
event-mask: Stashes
event-type: Stashes
event-type-handling: Events
event:active:gain: Events
event:active:set-gain!: Events
event:active:set-state!: Events
event:active:state: Events
event:button:button: Events
event:button:set-button!: Events
event:button:set-state!: Events
event:button:set-x!: Events
event:button:set-y!: Events
event:button:state: Events
event:button:x: Events
event:button:y: Events
event:jaxis:axis: Events
event:jaxis:set-axis!: Events
event:jaxis:set-value!: Events
event:jaxis:set-which!: Events
event:jaxis:value: Events
event:jaxis:which: Events
event:jball:ball: Events
event:jball:set-ball!: Events
event:jball:set-which!: Events
event:jball:set-xrel!: Events
event:jball:set-yrel!: Events
event:jball:which: Events
event:jball:xrel: Events
event:jball:yrel: Events
event:jbutton:button: Events
event:jbutton:set-button!: Events
event:jbutton:set-state!: Events
event:jbutton:set-which!: Events
event:jbutton:state: Events
event:jbutton:which: Events
event:jhat:hat: Events
event:jhat:set-hat!: Events
event:jhat:set-value!: Events
event:jhat:set-which!: Events
event:jhat:value: Events
event:jhat:which: Events
event:key:keysym:mod: Events
event:key:keysym:scancode: Events
event:key:keysym:set-mod!: Events
event:key:keysym:set-scancode!: Events
event:key:keysym:set-sym!: Events
event:key:keysym:set-unicode!: Events
event:key:keysym:sym: Events
event:key:keysym:unicode: Events
event:key:set-state!: Events
event:key:state: Events
event:motion:set-state!: Events
event:motion:set-x!: Events
event:motion:set-xrel!: Events
event:motion:set-y!: Events
event:motion:set-yrel!: Events
event:motion:state: Events
event:motion:x: Events
event:motion:xrel: Events
event:motion:y: Events
event:motion:yrel: Events
event:resize:h: Events
event:resize:set-h!: Events
event:resize:set-w!: Events
event:resize:w: Events
event:set-type!: Events
event:type: Events
evqueue-add: Events
evqueue-get: Events
evqueue-peek: Events
exact-floor: Miscellaneous Utilities
exact-truncate: Miscellaneous Utilities
expire-channel: Audio

fade-out-channel: Audio
fade-out-group: Audio
fade-out-music: Audio
fader/3p: Miscellaneous Utilities
fading-channel: Audio
fading-music: Audio
fading-status: Stashes
fill-rect: Video
flags->number: Enums and Constants
flip: Video
font-rotation: Stashes
font-rotation!: SDL_gfx
font-style: Stashes
font:ascent: TrueType
font:descent: TrueType
font:glyph-xXyYa: TrueType
font:height: TrueType
font:line-skip: TrueType
font:set-style!: TrueType
font:style: TrueType
fps-manager-count: SDL_gfx
fps-manager-delay!: SDL_gfx
fps-manager-get: SDL_gfx
fps-manager-set!: SDL_gfx
frames-msf: CDROM

get-app-state: Video
get-clip-rect: Video
get-cursor: Video
get-error: General SDL
get-event-filter: Events
get-gamma-ramp: Video
get-key-state: Events
get-mod-state: Events
get-ticks: General SDL
get-video-surface: Video
get-wm-info: Video
gl-get-attribute: Video
gl-set-attribute: Video
gl-swap-buffers: Video
grab-input: Video
grab-mode: Stashes
group-available: Audio
group-channel: Audio
group-channels: Audio
group-count: Audio
group-newer: Audio
group-oldest: Audio

halt-channel: Audio
halt-group: Audio
halt-music: Audio
horizontal-flip-surface: Video

iconify-window: Video
ignore-all-event-types-except: Miscellaneous Utilities
imfi-abs-diff: SDL_gfx
imfi-add: SDL_gfx
imfi-add-c: SDL_gfx
imfi-add-c-to-half: SDL_gfx
imfi-ashl: SDL_gfx
imfi-ashr: SDL_gfx
imfi-ashr-mul-c: SDL_gfx
imfi-binarize: SDL_gfx
imfi-bshl: SDL_gfx
imfi-clip: SDL_gfx
imfi-div: SDL_gfx
imfi-logand: SDL_gfx
imfi-logior: SDL_gfx
imfi-lshl: SDL_gfx
imfi-lshr: SDL_gfx
imfi-mean: SDL_gfx
imfi-mmx?: SDL_gfx
imfi-mul-c: SDL_gfx
imfi-muldiv2: SDL_gfx
imfi-muldiv4: SDL_gfx
imfi-mulnor: SDL_gfx
imfi-mult: SDL_gfx
imfi-normalize-linear: SDL_gfx
imfi-not: SDL_gfx
imfi-sub: SDL_gfx
imfi-sub-c: SDL_gfx
init: General SDL
init: Stashes
init-subsystem: General SDL

joystick-ball-xy: Joystick
joystick-close: Joystick
joystick-get-axis: Joystick
joystick-get-button: Joystick
joystick-get-hat: Joystick
joystick-hat-position: Stashes
joystick-index: Joystick
joystick-name: Joystick
joystick-num-axes: Joystick
joystick-num-balls: Joystick
joystick-num-buttons: Joystick
joystick-num-hats: Joystick
joystick-open: Joystick
joystick-opened?: Joystick
joystick-polling: Joystick
joystick-update: Joystick
joystick?: Joystick

keyboard-modifier: Stashes
keyboard/button-state: Stashes
keysym: Stashes
kotk: Enums and Constants

list-modes: Video
load-bmp: Video
load-font: TrueType
load-image: Video
load-music: Audio
load-wave: Audio
lock-surface: Video
lock-yuv-overlay: Video

make-color: Video
make-event: Events
make-fps-manager: SDL_gfx
make-rect: Video
make-surface: Video
map-rgb: Video
map-rgba: Video
mouse-button: Stashes
mouse-button: Stashes
mouse-bxy: Events
multiply-pixel-alpha!: SDL_gfx
music-volume: Audio
must-lock?: Video

non-member-symbol, error key: Enums and Constants
num-joysticks: Joystick
number->enum: Enums and Constants
number->flags: Enums and Constants

open-audio: Audio
overlay: Stashes

palette: Stashes
pause: Audio
pause-music: Audio
paused-music?: Audio
paused?: Audio
pixel-rgb: Video
pixel-rgba: Video
play-channel: Audio
play-music: Audio
playing-music?: Audio
playing?: Audio
poll-event: Events
poll-with-push-on-timeout-proc: Miscellaneous Utilities
pump-events: Events
push-event: Events

quit: General SDL
quit-subsystem: General SDL

rect:h: Video
rect:set-h!: Video
rect:set-w!: Video
rect:set-x!: Video
rect:set-y!: Video
rect:w: Video
rect:x: Video
rect:y: Video
rect<-surface: Miscellaneous Utilities
rect?: Video
rectangle-closure: Miscellaneous Utilities
rectangle<-geometry-string: Miscellaneous Utilities
render-glyph: TrueType
render-text: TrueType
render-utf8: TrueType
reserve-channels: Audio
resume: Audio
resume-music: Audio
rewind-music: Audio
rotate-square: Miscellaneous Utilities
roto-zoom-surface: SDL_gfx
roto-zoom-surface-xy: SDL_gfx

s16: Uniform Vectors
save-bmp: Video
set-caption: Video
set-clip-rect!: Video
set-colors!: Video
set-cursor: Video
set-distance: Audio
set-event-filter: Events
set-gamma: Video
set-gamma-ramp: Video
set-icon: Video
set-mod-state: Events
set-music-command: Audio
set-palette: Video
set-panning: Audio
set-pixel-alpha!: SDL_gfx
set-position: Audio
set-video-mode: Video
show-cursor: Video
shrink-surface: SDL_gfx
simple-canvas: Simple Closures
simple-stylus: Simple Closures
simple-vpacked-image: Simple Closures
surface-alpha!: Video
surface-color-key!: Video
surface-get-format: Video
surface-pixels: Video
surface:depth: Video
surface:flags: Video
surface:h: Video
surface:w: Video
surface?: Video

text-wh: TrueType
toggle-full-screen: Video
toroidal-panner/3p: Miscellaneous Utilities
ttf-init: TrueType
ttf-quit: TrueType

u16: Uniform Vectors
u8: Uniform Vectors
uniform vector argument(s): Uniform Vectors
unlock-surface: Video
unlock-yuv-overlay: Video
update-rect: Video
update-rects: Video
utf8-wh: TrueType

vertical-flip-surface: Video
vh-flip-surface: Video
video: Stashes
video-cmf: Video
video-driver-name: Video
video-mode-ok: Video
volume: Audio

wait-event: Events
warp-mouse: Video
was-init: General SDL

zoom-surface: SDL_gfx

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