The GNU extension language

Developing and Contributing

Developing the core of guile

Guile is actively being developed even as you read this. The maintainers and users always appreciate contributions. The guile maintainers are those people who, like you, found out about guile and have decided that it is useful enough to them to do even more work.

If you feel the same, please join the guile mailing list and begin to contribute. There is nothing stopping you from joining the team.

Reporting Bugs

You do us a much-appreciated service when you report the bugs you find in Guile. Please don't assume we already know about them.

To report a bug, send mail to <>. Before that, make sure it is not already in the bug database.

When you report a bug, please try to provide exact directions we can follow to make the bug show itself when we test on our systems. If we can reproduce the bug, it's almost certain we will be able to fix it.

If you have fixed the bug as well we ask that you:

  • Please send a patch and commit log as produced by git format-patch.
  • Please include a ChangeLog-style commit log with your fix.
  • Include references to the bug report. Turn the example that triggers the bug into a test case, submitted as part of your patch.
  • If the patch changes more than about ten lines of code, we may ask you to assign your copyright to the FSF before it can be applied.