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35.4 Examining the Stack

stack? obj Scheme Procedure
scm_stack_p (obj) C Function
Return #t if obj is a calling stack.

stack-id stack Scheme Procedure
scm_stack_id (stack) C Function
Return the identifier given to stack by start-stack.

stack-length stack Scheme Procedure
scm_stack_length (stack) C Function
Return the length of stack.

stack-ref stack index Scheme Procedure
scm_stack_ref (stack, index) C Function
Return the index'th frame from stack.

display-backtrace stack port [first [depth]] Scheme Procedure
scm_display_backtrace (stack, port, first, depth) C Function
Display a backtrace to the output port port. stack is the stack to take the backtrace from, first specifies where in the stack to start and depth how much frames to display. Both first and depth can be #f, which means that default values will be used.