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31.3.5 Included Guile Modules

Some modules are included in the Guile distribution; here are references to the entries in this manual which describe them in more detail:

boot-9 is Guile's initialization module, and it is always loaded when Guile starts up.
(ice-9 debug)
Mikael Djurfeldt's source-level debugging support for Guile (see Debugging Features).
(ice-9 threads)
Guile's support for multi threaded execution (see Scheduling).
(ice-9 rdelim)
Line- and character-delimited input (see Line/Delimited).
(ice-9 rw)
Block string input/output (see Block Reading and Writing).
(ice-9 documentation)
Online documentation (REFFIXME).
(srfi srfi-1)
A library providing a lot of useful list and pair processing procedures (see SRFI-1).
(srfi srfi-2)
Support for and-let* (see SRFI-2).
(srfi srfi-4)
Support for homogeneous numeric vectors (see SRFI-4).
(srfi srfi-6)
Support for some additional string port procedures (see SRFI-6).
(srfi srfi-8)
Multiple-value handling with receive (see SRFI-8).
(srfi srfi-9)
Record definition with define-record-type (see SRFI-9).
(srfi srfi-10)
Read hash extension #,() (see SRFI-10).
(srfi srfi-11)
Multiple-value handling with let-values and let-values* (see SRFI-11).
(srfi srfi-13)
String library (see SRFI-13).
(srfi srfi-14)
Character-set library (see SRFI-14).
(srfi srfi-17)
Getter-with-setter support (see SRFI-17).
(ice-9 slib)
This module contains hooks for using Aubrey Jaffer's portable Scheme library SLIB from Guile (see SLIB).
(ice-9 jacal)
This module contains hooks for using Aubrey Jaffer's symbolic math package Jacal from Guile (see JACAL).