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24.2.2 An Older Approach to Properties

Traditionally, Lisp systems provide a different object property interface to that provided by make-object-property, in which the object property that is being set or retrieved is indicated by a symbol.

Guile includes this older kind of interface as well, but it may well be removed in a future release, as it is less powerful than make-object-property and so increases the size of the Guile library for no benefit. (And it is trivial to write a compatibility layer in Scheme.)

object-properties obj Scheme Procedure
scm_object_properties (obj) C Function
Return obj's property list.

set-object-properties! obj alist Scheme Procedure
scm_set_object_properties_x (obj, alist) C Function
Set obj's property list to alist.

object-property obj key Scheme Procedure
scm_object_property (obj, key) C Function
Return the property of obj with name key.

set-object-property! obj key value Scheme Procedure
scm_set_object_property_x (obj, key, value) C Function
In obj's property list, set the property named key to value.