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23.3 Procedure Properties and Meta-information

Procedures always have attached the environment in which they were created and information about how to apply them to actual arguments. In addition to that, properties and meta-information can be stored with procedures. The procedures in this section can be used to test whether a given procedure satisfies a condition; and to access and set a procedure's property.

The first group of procedures are predicates to test whether a Scheme object is a procedure, or a special procedure, respectively. procedure? is the most general predicates, it returns #t for any kind of procedure. closure? does not return #t for primitive procedures, and thunk? only returns #t for procedures which do not accept any arguments.

procedure? obj Scheme Procedure
scm_procedure_p (obj) C Function
Return #t if obj is a procedure.

closure? obj Scheme Procedure
scm_closure_p (obj) C Function
Return #t if obj is a closure.

thunk? obj Scheme Procedure
scm_thunk_p (obj) C Function
Return #t if obj is a thunk.

Procedure properties are general properties to be attached to procedures. These can be the name of a procedure or other relevant information, such as debug hints.

procedure-name proc Scheme Procedure
scm_procedure_name (proc) C Function
Return the name of the procedure proc

procedure-source proc Scheme Procedure
scm_procedure_source (proc) C Function
Return the source of the procedure proc.

procedure-environment proc Scheme Procedure
scm_procedure_environment (proc) C Function
Return the environment of the procedure proc.

procedure-properties proc Scheme Procedure
scm_procedure_properties (proc) C Function
Return obj's property list.

procedure-property obj key Scheme Procedure
scm_procedure_property (obj, key) C Function
Return the property of obj with name key.

set-procedure-properties! proc alist Scheme Procedure
scm_set_procedure_properties_x (proc, alist) C Function
Set obj's property list to alist.

set-procedure-property! obj key value Scheme Procedure
scm_set_procedure_property_x (obj, key, value) C Function
In obj's property list, set the property named key to value.

Documentation for a procedure can be accessed with the procedure procedure-documentation.

procedure-documentation proc Scheme Procedure
scm_procedure_documentation (proc) C Function
Return the documentation string associated with proc. By convention, if a procedure contains more than one expression and the first expression is a string constant, that string is assumed to contain documentation for that procedure.

Source properties are properties which are related to the source code of a procedure, such as the line and column numbers, the file name etc.

set-source-properties! obj plist Scheme Procedure
scm_set_source_properties_x (obj, plist) C Function
Install the association list plist as the source property list for obj.

set-source-property! obj key datum Scheme Procedure
scm_set_source_property_x (obj, key, datum) C Function
Set the source property of object obj, which is specified by key to datum. Normally, the key will be a symbol.

source-properties obj Scheme Procedure
scm_source_properties (obj) C Function
Return the source property association list of obj.

source-property obj key Scheme Procedure
scm_source_property (obj, key) C Function
Return the source property specified by key from obj's source property list.