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40.2 Readline Options

The readline interface module can be configured in several ways to better suit the user's needs. Configuration is done via the readline module's options interface, in a similar way to the evaluator and debugging options (see User level options interfaces.)

Here is the list of readline options generated by typing (readline-options 'full) in Guile. You can also see the default values.

bounce-parens   500   Time (ms) to show matching opening parenthesis (0 = off).
history-length  200   History length.
history-file    yes   Use history file.

The history length specifies how many input lines will be remembered. If the history contains that many lines and additional lines are entered, the oldest lines will be lost. You can switch on/off the usage of the history file using the following call.

(readline-disable 'history)

The readline options interface can only be used after loading the readline module, because it is defined in that module.