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39.3.1 Constructors

New lists can be constructed by calling one of the following procedures.

xcons d a Scheme Procedure
Like cons, but with interchanged arguments. Useful mostly when passed to higher-order procedures.

list-tabulate n init-proc Scheme Procedure
Return an n-element list, where each list element is produced by applying the procedure init-proc to the corresponding list index. The order in which init-proc is applied to the indices is not specified.

circular-list elt1 elt2 ... Scheme Procedure
Return a circular list containing the given arguments elt1 elt2 ....

iota count [start step] Scheme Procedure
Return a list containing count elements, where each element is calculated as follows:

start + (count - 1) * step

start defaults to 0 and step defaults to 1.