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39.5 SRFI-4 - Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes.

SRFI-4 defines a set of datatypes for vectors whose elements are all of the same numeric type. Vectors for signed and unsigned exact integer or inexact real numbers in several precisions are available.

Procedures similar to the vector procedures (see Vectors) are provided for handling these homogeneous vectors, but they are distinct datatypes.

The reason for providing this set of datatypes is that with the limitation (all elements must have the same type), it is possible to implement them much more memory-efficient than normal, heterogenous vectors.

If you want to use these datatypes and the corresponding procedures, you have to use the module (srfi srfi-4).

Ten vector data types are provided: Unsigned and signed integer values with 8, 16, 32 and 64 bits and floating point values with 32 and 64 bits. In the following descriptions, the tags u8, s8, u16, s16, u32, s32, u64, s64, f32, f64, respectively, are used for denoting the various types.