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20.1.1 Transforming Scheme name to C name

Normally, the name of a C function can be derived given its Scheme name, using some simple textual transformations:

Here is an Emacs Lisp command that prompts for a Scheme function name and inserts the corresponding C function name into the buffer.

(defun insert-scheme-to-C (name &optional use-gh)
  "Transforms Scheme NAME, a string, to its C counterpart, and inserts it.
Prefix arg non-nil means use \"gh_\" prefix, otherwise use \"scm_\" prefix."
  (interactive "sScheme name: \nP")
  (let ((transforms '(("-"  . "_")
                      ("?"  . "_p")
                      ("!"  . "_x")
                      ("->" . "_to_")
                      ("<=" . "_leq")
                      (">=" . "_geq")
                      ("<"  . "_less")
                      (">"  . "_gr")
                      ("@"  . "at"))))
    (while transforms
      (let ((trigger (concat "\\(.*\\)"
                             (regexp-quote (caar transforms))
            (sub (cdar transforms))
            (m nil))
        (while (setq m (string-match trigger name))
          (setq name (concat (match-string 1 name)
                             (match-string 2 name)))))
      (setq transforms (cdr transforms))))
  (insert (if use-gh "gh_" "scm_") name))