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23.2.2 let-keywords Reference

let-keywords and let-keywords* are used for extracting values from argument lists which use keywords instead of argument position for binding local variables to argument values.

let-keywords binds all variables simultaneously, while let-keywords* binds them sequentially, consistent with let and let* (see Local Bindings).

let-keywords rest-arg allow-other-keys? (binding ...) expr ... library syntax
let-keywords rest-arg allow-other-keys? (binding ...) expr ... library syntax
These macros pick out keyword arguments from rest-arg, but do not modify it. This is consistent at least with Common Lisp, which duplicates keyword arguments in the rest argument. More explanation of what keyword arguments in a lambda list look like can be found below in the documentation for lambda* (see lambda* Reference). bindings can have the same form as for let-optional. If allow-other-keys? is false, an error will be thrown if anything that looks like a keyword argument but does not match a known keyword parameter will result in an error.

After binding the variables, the expressions expr ... are evaluated in order.