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1.3 Contributors to this Manual

The Guile reference and tutorial manuals were written and edited largely by Mark Galassi and Jim Blandy. In particular, Jim wrote the original tutorial on Guile's data representation and the C API for accessing Guile objects.

Significant portions were contributed by Gary Houston (contributions to POSIX system calls and networking, expect, I/O internals and extensions, slib installation, error handling) and Tim Pierce (sections on script interpreter triggers, alists, function tracing).

Tom Lord contributed a great deal of material with early Guile snapshots; although most of this text has been rewritten, all of it was important, and some of the structure remains.

Aubrey Jaffer wrote the SCM Scheme implementation and manual upon which the Guile program and manual are based. Some portions of the SCM and SLIB manuals have been included here verbatim.

Since Guile 1.4, Neil Jerram has been maintaining and improving the reference manual. Among other contributions, he wrote the Basic Ideas chapter, developed the tools for keeping the manual in sync with snarfed libguile docstrings, and reorganized the structure so as to accommodate docstrings for all Guile's primitives.

Martin Grabmueller has made substantial contributions throughout the reference manual in preparation for the Guile 1.6 release, including filling out a lot of the documentation of Scheme data types, control mechanisms and procedures. In addition, he wrote the documentation for Guile's SRFI modules and modules associated with the Guile REPL.