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The backtrace command, which can also be invoked as bt or where, displays the call stack (aka backtrace) at the point where the debugger was entered:

     debug> bt
     In standard input:
       36: 0* [make-string ...
       36: 1*  [* 4 ...
       36: 2*   [+ 3 #\s]
— Debugger Command: backtrace [count]
— Debugger Command: bt [count]
— Debugger Command: where [count]

Print backtrace of all stack frames, or of the innermost count frames. With a negative argument, print the outermost -count frames. If the number of frames isn't explicitly given, the debug option depth determines the maximum number of frames printed.

The format of the displayed backtrace is the same as for the display-backtrace procedure (see Examining the Stack).