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3.4.4 Using the Interactive Debugger

Guile's interactive debugger is a command line application that accepts commands from you for examining the stack and, if stopped at a trap, for continuing program execution in various ways. Unlike in the normal Guile REPL, commands are typed mostly without parentheses.

When you first enter the debugger, it introduces itself with a message like this:

     This is the Guile debugger -- for help, type `help'.
     There are 3 frames on the stack.
     Frame 2 at standard input:36:19
             [+ 3 #\s]

“debug>” is the debugger's prompt, and a reminder that you are not in the normal Guile REPL. In case you find yourself in the debugger by mistake, the quit command will return you to the REPL.

— Debugger Command: quit

Exit the debugger.

The other available commands are described in the following subsections.