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4.1 Linking Programs With Guile

This section covers the mechanics of linking your program with Guile on a typical POSIX system.

The header file <libguile.h> provides declarations for all of Guile's functions and constants. You should #include it at the head of any C source file that uses identifiers described in this manual. Once you've compiled your source files, you need to link them against the Guile object code library, libguile.

On most systems, you should not need to tell the compiler and linker explicitly where they can find libguile.h and libguile. When Guile has been installed in a peculiar way, or when you are on a peculiar system, things might not be so easy and you might need to pass additional -I or -L options to the compiler. Guile provides the utility program guile-config to help you find the right values for these options. You would typically run guile-config during the configuration phase of your program and use the obtained information in the Makefile.