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2.3.1 Running Guile Interactively

In its simplest form, Guile acts as an interactive interpreter for the Scheme programming language, reading and evaluating Scheme expressions the user enters from the terminal. Here is a sample interaction between Guile and a user; the user's input appears after the $ and guile> prompts:

     $ guile
     guile> (+ 1 2 3)                ; add some numbers
     guile> (define (factorial n)    ; define a function
              (if (zero? n) 1 (* n (factorial (- n 1)))))
     guile> (factorial 20)
     guile> (getpwnam "jimb")        ; find my entry in /etc/passwd
     #("jimb" ".0krIpK2VqNbU" 4008 10 "Jim Blandy" "/u/jimb"
     guile> C-d