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6.4.26 SRFI-88 Keyword Objects

SRFI-88 provides keyword objects, which are equivalent to Guile's keywords (see Keywords). SRFI-88 keywords can be entered using the postfix keyword syntax, which consists of an identifier followed by : (see postfix keyword syntax). SRFI-88 can be made available with:

     (use-modules (srfi srfi-88))

Doing so installs the right reader option for keyword syntax, using (read-set! keywords 'postfix). It also provides the procedures described below.

— Scheme Procedure: keyword? obj

Return #t if obj is a keyword. This is the same procedure as the same-named built-in procedure (see keyword?).

          (keyword? foo:)         ⇒ #t
          (keyword? 'foo:)        ⇒ #t
          (keyword? "foo")        ⇒ #f
— Scheme Procedure: keyword->string kw

Return the name of kw as a string, i.e., without the trailing colon. The returned string may not be modified, e.g., with string-set!.

          (keyword->string foo:)  ⇒ "foo"
— Scheme Procedure: string->keyword str

Return the keyword object whose name is str.

          (keyword->string (string->keyword "a b c"))     ⇒ "a b c"