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It's sometimes useful to be able to intercept an exception that is being thrown, but without changing where in the dynamic context that exception will eventually be caught. This could be to clean up some related state or to pass information about the exception to a debugger, for example. The with-throw-handler procedure provides a way to do this.

— Scheme Procedure: with-throw-handler key thunk handler
— C Function: scm_with_throw_handler (key, thunk, handler)

Add handler to the dynamic context as a throw handler for key key, then invoke thunk.

— C Function: SCM scm_c_with_throw_handler (SCM tag, scm_t_catch_body body, void *body_data, scm_t_catch_handler handler, void *handler_data, int lazy_catch_p)

The above scm_with_throw_handler takes Scheme procedures as body (thunk) and handler arguments. scm_c_with_throw_handler is an equivalent taking C functions. See scm_c_catch (see Catch) for a description of the parameters, the behaviour however of course follows with-throw-handler.

If thunk throws an exception, Guile handles that exception by invoking the innermost catch or throw handler whose key matches that of the exception. When the innermost thing is a throw handler, Guile calls the specified handler procedure using (apply handler key args). The handler procedure may either return normally or exit non-locally. If it returns normally, Guile passes the exception on to the next innermost catch or throw handler. If it exits non-locally, that exit determines the continuation.

The behaviour of a throw handler is very similar to that of a catch expression's optional pre-unwind handler. In particular, a throw handler's handler procedure is invoked in the exact dynamic context of the throw expression, just as a pre-unwind handler is. with-throw-handler may be seen as a half-catch: it does everything that a catch would do until the point where catch would start unwinding the stack and dynamic context, but then it rethrows to the next innermost catch or throw handler instead.