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Weak vectors are mainly useful in Guile's implementation of weak hash tables.

— Scheme Procedure: make-weak-vector size [fill]
— C Function: scm_make_weak_vector (size, fill)

Return a weak vector with size elements. If the optional argument fill is given, all entries in the vector will be set to fill. The default value for fill is the empty list.

— Scheme Procedure: weak-vector . l
— Scheme Procedure: list->weak-vector l
— C Function: scm_weak_vector (l)

Construct a weak vector from a list: weak-vector uses the list of its arguments while list->weak-vector uses its only argument l (a list) to construct a weak vector the same way list->vector would.

— Scheme Procedure: weak-vector? obj
— C Function: scm_weak_vector_p (obj)

Return #t if obj is a weak vector. Note that all weak hashes are also weak vectors.