Warning: This is the manual of the legacy Guile 2.0 series. You may want to read the manual of the current stable series instead.

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GOOPS is the object oriented extension to Guile. Its implementation is derived from STk-3.99.3 by Erick Gallesio and version 1.3 of Gregor Kiczales’ Tiny-Clos. It is very close in spirit to CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System, but is adapted for the Scheme language.

GOOPS is a full object oriented system, with classes, objects, multiple inheritance, and generic functions with multi-method dispatch. Furthermore its implementation relies on a meta object protocol — which means that GOOPS’s core operations are themselves defined as methods on relevant classes, and can be customised by overriding or redefining those methods.

To start using GOOPS you first need to import the (oop goops) module. You can do this at the Guile REPL by evaluating:

(use-modules (oop goops))

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