Warning: This is the manual of the legacy Guile 2.0 series. You may want to read the manual of the current stable series instead.

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Scheme Procedure: hash-table-size table

Answer the number of associations in table. This is guaranteed to run in constant time for non-weak tables.

Scheme Procedure: hash-table-keys table

Answer an unordered list of the keys in table.

Scheme Procedure: hash-table-values table

Answer an unordered list of the values in table.

Scheme Procedure: hash-table-walk table proc

Invoke proc once for each association in table, passing the key and value as arguments.

Scheme Procedure: hash-table-fold table proc init

Invoke (proc key value previous) for each key and value in table, where previous is the result of the previous invocation, using init as the first previous value. Answer the final proc result.

Scheme Procedure: hash-table->alist table

Answer an alist where each association in table is an association in the result.