Warning: This is the manual of the legacy Guile 2.0 series. You may want to read the manual of the current stable series instead.

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5.8.3 Using Autoconf Macros

Using the autoconf macros is straightforward: Add the macro "calls" (actually instantiations) to configure.ac, run aclocal, and finally, run autoconf. If your system doesn’t have guile.m4 installed, place the desired macro definitions (AC_DEFUN forms) in acinclude.m4, and aclocal will do the right thing.

Some of the macros can be used inside normal shell constructs: if foo ; then GUILE_BAZ ; fi, but this is not guaranteed. It’s probably a good idea to instantiate macros at top-level.

We now include two examples, one simple and one complicated.

The first example is for a package that uses libguile, and thus needs to know how to compile and link against it. So we use PKG_CHECK_MODULES to set the vars GUILE_CFLAGS and GUILE_LIBS, which are automatically substituted in the Makefile.

In configure.ac:

  PKG_CHECK_MODULES([GUILE], [guile-2.0])

In Makefile.in:


  myprog.o: myprog.c
          $(CC) -o $ $(GUILE_CFLAGS) $<
  myprog: myprog.o
          $(CC) -o $ $< $(GUILE_LIBS)

The second example is for a package of Guile Scheme modules that uses an external program and other Guile Scheme modules (some might call this a "pure scheme" package). So we use the GUILE_SITE_DIR macro, a regular AC_PATH_PROG macro, and the GUILE_MODULE_AVAILABLE macro.

In configure.ac:



  # pgtype pgtable
  GUILE_MODULE_AVAILABLE(have_guile_pg, (database postgres))
  test $have_guile_pg = no &&
      probably_wont_work="(my pgtype) (my pgtable) $probably_wont_work"

  # gpgutils
  test x"$GNUPG" = x &&
      probably_wont_work="(my gpgutils) $probably_wont_work"

  if test ! "$probably_wont_work" = "" ; then
      p="         ***"
      echo "$p"
      echo "$p NOTE:"
      echo "$p The following modules probably won't work:"
      echo "$p   $probably_wont_work"
      echo "$p They can be installed anyway, and will work if their"
      echo "$p dependencies are installed later.  Please see README."
      echo "$p"

In Makefile.in:

  instdir = @GUILE_SITE@/my

        $(INSTALL) my/*.scm $(instdir)

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