GSoC: Guile-Emacs and Emacsy

Ludovic Courtès — May 28, 2013

There will be two exciting Guile-related projects going on as part of GSoC this year:

  • Guile-Emacs. BT Templeton will continue the excellent work that has been done on Guile and Emacs integration. Previous GSoCs focused on providing a full-fledged Emacs Lisp front-end to Guile’s compiler and VM. This project focuses on the missing piece: replacing the Emacs Lisp interpreter in Emacs by Guile.
  • Emacsy is another approach to the Emacs/Guile vision: Shane Celis will work on a framework, Emacsy, that will allow application developers to easily “emacsify” them–i.e., by providing the mechanisms for a “key-lookup-execute-command loop” similar to that of Emacs, with Guile inside.

See the initial discussion for details.

Happy hacking!