Guile 2.0 manual available from your bookstore!

Ludovic Courtès — December 14, 2011

The manual of GNU Guile 2.0 has been published under ISBN 978-1-906966-15-7 by Network Theory, Ltd, a UK-based publisher, and is now available from any good bookstore! See for more details.

It is a paperback of the Guile 2.0.3 reference manual, covering almost all the aspects of using Guile from Scheme and C, its modules, as well as its internals, and a discussion of the project's history and rationale.

The book is fairly impressive: 918 pages, 1.4 kg (3.0 lb), reflecting 15 years of work by more than 20 writers.

If you were looking for a present for your beloved, this is surely a good candidate. :-)

Thanks to Brian Gough for making it possible!