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6 GNU Distribution

Guix comes with a distribution of free software9 that forms the basis of the GNU system. This includes core GNU packages such as GNU libc, GCC, and Binutils, as well as many GNU and non-GNU applications. The complete list of available packages can be browsed on-line or by running guix package (see Invoking guix package):

guix package --list-available

Our goal is to build a practical 100% free software distribution of Linux-based and other variants of GNU, with a focus on the promotion and tight integration of GNU components, and an emphasis on programs and tools that help users exert that freedom.

The GNU distribution is currently available on the following platforms:


Intel/AMD x86_64 architecture, Linux-Libre kernel;


Intel 32-bit architecture (IA32), Linux-Libre kernel;


little-endian 64-bit MIPS processors, specifically the Loongson series, n32 application binary interface (ABI), and Linux-Libre kernel.

For information on porting to other architectures or kernels, See Porting.

Building this distribution is a cooperative effort, and you are invited to join! See Contributing, for information about how you can help.



The term “free” here refers to the freedom provided to users of that software.

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