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2.1 Requirements

GNU Guix depends on the following packages:

The following dependencies are optional:

Unless --disable-daemon was passed to configure, the following packages are also needed:

When a working installation of the Nix package manager is available, you can instead configure Guix with --disable-daemon. In that case, Nix replaces the three dependencies above.

Guix is compatible with Nix, so it is possible to share the same store between both. To do so, you must pass configure not only the same --with-store-dir value, but also the same --localstatedir value. The latter is essential because it specifies where the database that stores metadata about the store is located, among other things. The default values for Nix are --with-store-dir=/nix/store and --localstatedir=/nix/var. Note that --disable-daemon is not required if your goal is to share the store with Nix.