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0ad 0.0.23b-alpha — 3D real-time strategy game of ancient warfare

0 A.D. is a real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare. It's a historically-based war/economy game that allows players to relive or rewrite the history of twelve ancient civilizations, each depicted at their peak of economic growth and military prowess.

0ad needs a window manager that supports 'Extended Window Manager Hints'.

0ad-data 0.0.23b-alpha — Data files for 0ad

0ad-data provides the data files required by the game 0ad.

0xffff 0.8 — Flash FIASCO images on Maemo devices

The Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher (0xFFFF) is a flashing tool for FIASCO images. It supports generating, unpacking, editing and flashing of FIASCO images for Maemo devices. Use it with care. It can brick your device.

389-ds-base — Enterprise-class LDAP server

389ds is an enterprise-class LDAP server. It is hardened by real-world use, is full-featured, and supports multi-master replication.

Other features include:

  1. Online, zero downtime, LDAP-based update of schema, configuration, and management including Access Control Information (ACIs);

  2. Asynchronous Multi-Master Replication, to provide fault tolerance and high write performance;

  3. Extensive documentation;

  4. Secure authentication and transport (TLS, and SASL);

  5. LDAPv3 compliant server.

4dtris 0.4.3 — 4D Tetris

4D-TRIS is an alteration of the well-known Tetris game. The game field is extended to 4D space, which has to filled up by the gamer with 4D hyper cubes.

4store 1.1.6 — Clustered RDF storage and query engine

4store is a RDF/SPARQL store written in C, supporting either single machines or networked clusters.

4ti2 1.6.9 — Mathematical tool suite for problems on linear spaces

4ti2 implements algorithms for solving algebraic, geometric and combinatorial problems on linear spaces. Among others, it solves systems of linear equations, computes extreme rays of polyhedral cones, solves integer programming problems and computes Markov bases for statistics.

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