GUSS the Universal System Simulator

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GUSS the Universal System Simulator simulates hardware to test, debug and profile software on. It is (or will) capable of running an operating system without any modification to the OS itself.

This project has regretfully been decommissioned; contact maintainers at if you are interested in resurrecting it.

GUSS has several objectives:

Wanna see some of the features of GUSS?


Mon Sep 15 2003 - Performance is everything.
I (Johan Rydberg) have spent the last couple of months rewriting the simulator engine of GUSS. The new engine will increase the performance of GUSS by several times.


GUSS is currently in a very ealy alpha state. Nothing really works (except some small things.)

GUSS currently only has one (partial) functional target: i386. This target simulates your standard x86 personal computer. The target has yet to boot GNU/Linux, but it has successfully booted L4ka+sigma0+pingpong (proof).

Work has begun on some other targets, or there are plans for:


Everything old is out. To get GUSS, use the CVS repository:

  cvs login 
  {just hit enter when prompted for password}
  cvs -z3 co guss
You can also browse the sources via viewcvs.


Not yet available. You're free to help.

Contact us

There are some public mailing lists related to GUSS.

guss-hackers (archives)
For discussing GUSS issues
guss-commit (archives)
A read-only mailing list containing the notes from checkins to the GUSS CVS repository


Here are some useful resources:

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