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4.1 Mouse bindings in the Main and the Zoom window

The following mouse events are defined when the mouse pointer is either on the displayed page or on a zoomed area:

press button 1, move mouse, release button 1
Scrolls the displayed page 'proportionally'.
press button 3, move mouse, release button 3
Scrolls the displayed page 'absolutely'.
double-click with button 1
In the main window this displays the previous/next page if the double-click occured in the left/right half of the window. In a zoom window it does nothing.
press button 2, release button 2
Pops up a small menu which allows to choose a magnification for a certain area around the current mouse position. After selecting a magnification a zoom window pops up displaying the area at the chosen scale.
press button 2, move mouse, release button 2
This draws and thereby defines a rectangular region which can be displayed in a zoom window. The magnification for the area can be selected by means of a popup menu which appears after releasing button 2.
press button 1, press button 2
Reload the current page. This event sequence works only in the main window.
press button 3, release button 3
Pops up a small menu which offers a few standard actions like 'Reload', 'Mark Page', etc.