Toronto (GNU/)Hurd User Group

We are the first of the ?WebHome ?UserGroups, and consequently the biggest! Our name is a slight misnomer, since we have plenty of members who live outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have a members in the Kitchener/Waterloo area who are about two hours from Toronto (by automobile,) and a member in Oakland, California, USA who is about two hours from Toronto (by aeroplane.)

We are also expanding our reach. Currently our core members range in location from Montreal, PQ. to Waterloo, On.


Anyone can join! Just find us, and help contribute.


Currently, we maintain a Savannah project site at

As well, our web page links to lots of useful documentation.

Contact us

Our website can be found at:

You can typically find us in the #thug channel on the Official GNU IRC network (

As well, we have a mailing list at thug at gnu dot org.

-- ?SimonLaw - 25 May 2002