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11.3 Variables

The debugger accesses registers and variables as $name. Register names are as in the show registers command. Some variables are suffixed with numbers, and may have some modifier following a colon immediately after the variable name. For example, register variables can have u and t modifier to indicate user register and that of a default target thread instead of that of the current thread (e.g. $eax:tu).

Built-in variables currently supported are:

Task or thread structure address. xx and yy are task and thread identification numbers printed by a show all threads command respectively. This variable is read only.
The default target thread. The value is used when t option is specified without explicit thread structure address parameter in command lines or expression evaluation.
Input and output radix
Addresses are printed as symbol+offset unless offset is greater than maxoff.
The width of the displayed line.
The number of lines. It is used by more feature.
Tab stop width.
Parameters passed to a macro. xx can be 1 to 10.
Work variable. xx can be 0 to 31.