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<Duck> something's broken in ext2, fsck, or the like
<Duck>  /dev/hd0s1: i_file_acl_hi for inode 81872 (/proc) is 32, shoud be 0.
<Duck> youpi: the other problem is probably related to
<Duck> i'll just check when it is fixed
<antrik> youpi: I've seen a lot of these fsck errors since the upgrade to 1.41.x
<antrik> youpi: seems to happen whenever a passive translator is still active while the machine reboots
<Duck> antrik: ho, so in my example this could be related to procfs then
<antrik> Duck: don't know... I got it with various terminal-related nodes
<antrik> other translators get terminated before ext2 it seems, so the problem doesn't happen there
<antrik> unless the machine crashes of course
<antrik> ah, right, it told you that it's the /proc node :-)
<antrik> was it the only node it complained about?
<antrik> Duck: ^
<Duck> antrik: yes, the only one
<youpi> so it's most probably i
<youpi> t
<Duck> but currently i don't have much translators around besides the base install
<antrik> that's strange... my theory about translators active at reboot seems wrong then
<youpi> well, maybe procps is not behaving properly
<youpi> procfs*
<antrik> youpi: I doubt it. I regularily get the same issue with various term nodes; and when the machine crashes rather than rebooting cleanly, many other nodes as well
<youpi> k
<antrik> but it's always passive translator nodes

This is due to an erroneous read/write from e2fsck, see

See Debian bug #760275