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3.5 Options for Programs that List File Names

The programs lid and fnid can print lists of file names as the result of queries. The following option controls how these lists are formatted:

-S style
Style may be one of ‘braces’, ‘space’ or ‘newline’.

The style of ‘braces’ means that file names with common directory prefix and common suffix are printed using the shell's brace notation in order to compress the output. For example, ../src/foo.c ../src/bar.c can be printed in brace notation as ../src/{foo,bar}.c.

The styles of ‘space’ and ‘newline’ mean that file names are separated spaces or by newlines, respectively.

If the list of files is being printed on a terminal, brace notation is the default. If not, file names are separated by spaces if the key is included in the output, and by newlines the key style is ‘none’ (see lid invocation).