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15 telnet: User interface to TELNET

Login to a remote system HOST, optionally using a (non-standard) service port PORT:

     telnet [OPTION...] [HOST [PORT]]
Use only IPv4.
Use only IPv6.
Use an 8-bit data path.
Attempt automatic login.
Do not read the user's file $HOME/.telnetrc.
Turn on debugging.
Use CHAR as escape character.
Use no escape character.
Do not automatically login to the remote system.
Attempt automatic login as USER.
Use an 8-bit data path for output only.
Record trace information into FILE.
Display a user-interface similar to that of rlogin.
If possible, encrypt the data stream.
Disable authentication of type ATYPE. Use this option multiple times if more than one type is to be disabled. Standard choices are ‘null’, ‘kerberos_v4’, and ‘kerberos_v5’.