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24 telnetd: Telnet server

     telnetd [option]...
Specify what mode to use for authentication. Allowed values are: ‘none’, ‘other’, ‘user’, ‘valid’, and ‘off’.
Set the debugging level. The argument is a comma separated list of the categories: ‘options’, ‘report’, ‘netdata’, ‘ptydata’, and ‘auth’. All these may be used in the form ‘name[=level]’. Omission of ‘level’ implies the maximal possible debugging for that particular category.

There is one additional category ‘tcp’, that does not allow the additional level indicator, but is instead equivalent to setting the socket option ‘SO_DEBUG’ for debugging the complete traffic.

The outcome is the file /tmp/telnet.debug, to which data is incrementally added as time passes.

Set program to be executed instead of /bin/login.
Do not print host information before login has been completed.
Set line mode. An empty argument will force line mode at all times. The only recognised value is otherwise ‘nokludge’.
Disable TCP keep-alives.
Refuse connections from addresses that cannot be mapped back into a symbolic name.
Disable the use of the given authentication type. Use this option multiple times if more than one type is to be disabled. Standard choices are ‘null’, ‘kerberos_v4’, and ‘kerberos_v5’.