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27 uucpd: Unix to Unix Copy relay daemon.

uucpd is a relay daemon responsible for accepting TCP transported connections for uucico. It is started by inetd, conducts any authentication, and then hands acceptable requests over to uucico.

uucpd [option]...

27.1 Options

There is a single, specific option available:

-u location

Replace the hard coded location of uucico with the value specified as location.

27.2 Authentication steps.

Invocation is expected to be conducted by a protocol described exchange of user name and password; unfortunately in clear text. If those agree with existing local entries, then uucpd verifies that the stated user also has user shell location identical to the full file system location of uucico. Should that not be the case, the request is declined.

For this latter check, the option --uucico is useful when setting the configuration for inetd. It is recommended to wrap the invocation line of uucpd within a call to tcpd in the standard fashion.